We Open the 2nd and Determining Round of Appeal to the ICC

(International Criminal Court)

In 2011 we sent the first appeal to the ICC, reporting the crime of Genocide and Crimes against Humanity against the Hellenic/Greek People, crimes which are  still in the process of being perpetrated. This opened the way for five more fellow Greeks and one more European citizen to join with their own Appeals to the ICC.

In 2012, the Prosecutor of the ICC opened the case permanently, but asked for more official, more shocking, more earth shattering evidence in order to act, not interested in preventing mass deaths and irreparable damages at the expense of an ethnic group such as the Greeks living in Greece, despite all the texts and communications he received (not only from the makers of the appeals, but also from the high numbers of co-Citizens signing off and supporting these actions to the Hague) and despite his duties.

At this time, in 2016, we have several official domestic and international documents and studies containing terrible numbers and markers regarding the blood the three Memoranda (MoUs) have already cost us, and even more staggering evidence of projections into the near future of the Greeks and of Greece.

Today, therefore, on August 26 2016, we sent all this evidence, all these facts, all these staggering numbers of victims and damages as well as relevant jurisprudence of the ICC, asking that the Prosecutor act post haste.


This Second Round is just the beginning.

As we had repeatedly said, there are many witnesses needed who will support the accusations against all those who contributed, enforced, made propaganda, unleashed violence, profiteered and committed fraud in order to impose and perpetuate the three MoUs, incurring the abolition of Human Rights for the Greeks (and not just them), and the sacking of the Constitution to the point of the practical abolition of basic Democratic Principles, thus leading the Hellenic/Greek People to sustaining Crimes against Humanity and Genocide day by day.

As soon as the text of this Additional Report to our Appeal is translated into Greek, we will post instructions and sample texts on how to ask to be summoned as a witness for the particular case, and how everyone can, completely independently and with self-reliance, act regarding this Report for our common Ethnic/National purpose of toppling the criminal, anti-humanitarian and genocidal MoU regime as well as the protection of our survival and that of our country’s.

See the English text of the Additional Report we sent to the ICC Prosecutor today here:

Additional Report to the Prosecutor

Olga and Tanya Geritsidou,

August 29, 2016

Crimes Against (2015)